To improve and extend the lives of cancer patients worldwide with our safe, non-invasive, non-toxic, and accessible treatment.

Autem Therapeutics - A Treatment Revolution

A Treatment Revolution

After many years working with patients to navigate limited treatment options and therapies with many unwanted side effects, one oncologist set out to change the way we fight cancer. The result? Autem Therapeutics.

We are an emerging oncology therapeutic and bioelectric technology company headquartered in Hanover, NH, USA.

Our electromagnetic (EM) frequency non-thermal treatment—the AutEMsysTM therapy—provides game changing support for all parties involved when cancer therapy is needed:

  • Patients don’t suffer a reduced quality of life with painful and expensive side effects.
  • Providers have a new choice for patients that is minimally invasive and easy to administer.
  • Payors and health systems gain a new therapeutic option for people with cancer.

Meeting of Great Minds

As a team, we are fiercely patient-focused and supported by a highly engaged, global Advisory Board that includes internationally respected medical oncologists as well as best-in-class scientists and experts, from the lab to R&D to clinical trials to commercialization.

Please meet our team here.