How the Autem Therapy works

Studies in 200+ patients with 1725+ exposures using our AutEMsysTM therapy show promise in shrinking tumors, while also enhancing quality of life and extending survival in early and advanced stage patient populations.

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Autem Therapeutics

How does our novel AutEMsysTM therapy work?

AutEMsysTM therapy “resets” cancer cells by normalizing their metabolism and improving energy efficiency, thus reversing the “Warburg Effect”. 3

In dividing cancer cells, our treatment has a demonstrated anti-tumoral effect caused by disrupting mitotic cell spindles and inhibiting cell division and proliferation. 4

In non-dividing cancer cells, the AutEMsysTM therapy destabilizes microtubules, thus reducing the mobility of mitochondria and starving cells of energy. This kills these cells without surgery or infusions. 4, 5

Beyond that, the AutEMsysTM therapy benefits healthy cells by increasing their metabolic energy supply.

The AutEMsysTM can be used as a monotherapy or a complement to existing therapies.